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5 Reasons We Love Camo! - Written by Chelsey

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1. Always in season! 
The great thing about Camo is there is no season for it!  (In the fashion world anyways;)
Summer - Camo skirt
Fall - Camo joggers
Winter - Camo jacket
Spring - Camo tank!  The opportunities are endless!
2. Pairs perfectly with an array of colours & pieces!
Easy to pair! No need to worry about clashing colours! Neutrals, pastels, muted tones, neons. Camo compliments them all!
3. Don't think it doesn't suit you!
No matter your style whether it's 90s edge, sporty chic, boho or preppy it adds some flare to every look!
4. Any Camo piece can complete your look! 
Have you ever looked at someone’s outfit and thought, wow that would look so much better if that Camo piece was not a part of it? No! Never! 
5. Be invisible to negativity, stand out in the fashion world! 
I think this one goes without saying, Camo is here to stay, and we’re here for it!
Stay Lovely,

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